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The response is no! While bad breath is a possible indication of gum tissue illness, various other typical causes crop up as well. As an example, tonsil stones could cause foul breath. Tonsil rocks are created when decaying food debris accumulates in the crevices of the tonsils as well as comes to be compacted right into what are described as "stones." You could have halitosis from tonsil rocks without having any periodontal disease in all. Post-nasal drip could additionally cause foul-smelling breath, as the released mucous supplies an abundant food for the anaerobic microorganisms that cause bad breath, assisting them to increase swiftly. Once again, this sort of foul-smelling breath isn't really on its own an indicator of gum illness. Nevertheless, the most common cause of foul-smelling breath is a lack of ample dental hygiene. Inappropriate cleaning as well as flossing, or simply inadequate of it, could leave huge amounts of plaque still stayed with and expanding on your teeth and also periodontals. If this growth is allowed to proceed uncontrolled, the anaerobic microorganisms has the opportunity to tunnel down beneath the periodontal line, where they create undesirable pockets of bacterial nests, ones that are devilishly tough to reach and also cleanse without the assistance of specialized devices. Find Out More Anaerobic germs release a smell similar to sulfur, and also it is precisely that smell that's most closely connected with foul-smelling breath. Periodic halitosis could merely be a signal that it's time to brush once again, but consistent or persistent halitosis can be an early warning sign of gum tissue condition. If you have chronic foul-smelling breath along with tender or swollen gum tissues, there's a great chance that you are experiencing some level of gum condition. It is very important to see your dentist immediately to seek therapy, not just for social reasons, but your total state of wellness.